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Meet J-Mill$

My name is Joshua Imel, but most know me by my stage name, J-Mill$, I’m from the small town of Saint Henry, OH. I have a very big passion for music, with experience in the music Industry of about 3 and a half years in counting, working as a Music producer and recording artist. I first started in the industry rapping and writing my own music when I was 11 working with a very talent music producer in the Midwest, named Chad Deutsch. I then transferred of to music production and took certified lessons with Chad Deutsch. I learned basics of using Pro Tools, making beats and how to Mix and Master. While working alongside of Chad Deutsch, I had great opportunities and was able work with various artists like, Mike Jones, Scrilla King, Nyzzy Nyce, Chrome Cats and several others.

In 2016, I graduated High School and start a bachelor’s degree in the Record Arts program at Full Sail University but ran into some complications and had to withdrawal from Full Sail. I then transferred to Los Angeles Film School and have Graduated with an associate degree in Music Production. Now I drive myself to Running my own Record label and Recording Studios to be name 6Read Kings Records. I want to drive my future artists and co-workers to be as successful as they possibly can be. I am certain that I will bring Positive and uplifting energy when it comes to making music and live entertainment. I feel in the next few years I will achieve, being nominated and winning several Grammy awards and serval Gold and Platinum Album Rewards.



6Read Kings Records
imel.j74@gmail.com, 323-605-7503





imel.j74@gmail.com, 352-215-9285




imel.j74@gmail.com, 352-215-9285


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